Frequently Asked Questions
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Do I need a building permit to construct my Arched Concepts building? In most cases, a building permit is not required as these buildings can be classified as a “...framed structure with a plastic cover”. For example, in Washington State if you build a barn and cover it with conventional roofing materials such as metal or composition roofing you can classify it as an “agricultural building” and no permit is required, providing you comply with strict usage requirements. It is always best to check local regulations prior to building.
Will this building increase my property tax? If your building is considered a “…framed structure with a plastic cover,” it may not be taxable. As always, check with your local authorities.
How much snow can my building withstand? Arched Concepts designed buildings are very sturdy and capable of withstanding the winter months in high snow load areas. With a roof pitched at 30° and the smooth surface of a poly cover, the snow slides off very easily by itself. In the event of buildup, the snow can be easily encouraged to slide off by tapping on the building’s ceiling from the inside. To increase the snow load capability, trusses can be placed at 24” or 32” spacing.
If I’m not capable of building my own trusses, can I purchase them from a reliable source? Arched Concepts designed trusses may be purchased from one of the independent manufacturers listed on our “Truss Kits” web page.
How long does it take to build these trusses? The time it takes to construct a truss set depends upon the width of the building and the materials used. A typical truss set consists of 2 arched components and a top truss component. The arched component constructed from 2” x 3” lumber can easily be built in less than 45 minutes. The top truss for a 20’ wide building can easily be built in about the same amount of time. For 2 arched components and 1 top component the total labor would be about 2 hours and 15 minutes. If you were building a 20’ x 48’ building with truss sets every 4’ you would need 13 truss sets, that’s 26 arched components and 13 top components. It would take you less than 20 hours to build all 26 arched components and less than 10 hours to build the 13 top truss components. The total calculates out to be less than 30 hours for the complete building.
How long does it take to assemble the trusses at the job site? Two people can assemble the 13 truss sets for a 20’ x 48’ building with 4’ high side walls in about 4 to 5 hours.
Can the walls be built from different materials? You can build your side walls from many different materials. Pole construction is the most common, however, concrete works great as well.
Can the walls be built at different heights? The wall height can be adjusted to whatever you need. For a typical inside ceiling height of 8’ on a 20’ wide building, the walls would be approximately 4’ high. If you’re building a 20’ wide RV storage building, an 8’ high wall gives you an inside ceiling height of approximately 12’.