Arc-Pro™ Tooling Package
Kerf Bending
Bending wood can be a tricky adventure. One option is to steam the wood and then apply pressure in a fixture until the wood dries out. This is, however, a very time consuming practice. Another way is to kerf bend it. Kerf bending is the process of cutting a desired number of precise grooves perpendicular to the grain and to a prescribed depth. If the ratio between the spacing and depth of the cuts needed to achieve the desired radius and bend angle isn’t correct, the piece will fail by cracking or breaking. To complicate the matter even further, different species with different moisture content react differently.
Arc-Pro™ Tooling
Arc-Pro™ tooling helps solve those issues and provide you a way to build strong and consistent arched trusses from locally obtained materials. With flexibility in both the kerf sawing and bending processes, you can easily achieve the desired end product.
The Arc-Pro™ Premium Tooling package includes the following:
  • Adjustable radius layout tool makes it easy to create tooling up to a 50” radius.
  • Forming blocks with adjustable attached clamps which can accommodate 1”x 2”, 2”x 2”, 2”x 3” and 2”x 4” lumber.
    • Note: Includes mounting hardware for attaching to a ¾” thick surface.
  • Adjustable saw kerf locating fixture.
    • Note: This fixture attaches easily to a DeWalt 12” Sliding Compound Miter Saw model DWS780. Other saws of this type may need mounting holes drilled to accommodate the fixture.
  • Instruction Manual (.pdf)
  • Instruction Video – (Coming Soon!)
  • Excel projectBOM.xlsx workbook to help organize your project.
  • An Arched Concepts ShetchUp CAD model of your choice.
Other Recommended Equipment
Other recommended equipment not included in the Arc-Pro™ tooling package:
  • 4’ x 8’ x ¾” plywood sheet - this sheet should be stiffened with several 2” x 4”s attached to the bottom side of the sheet.
  • Radial arm or a sliding compound miter saw such as a Dewalt 15 amp 12” model DWS780 works great.
  • Air operated 16 gauge stapler.